Friday, May 1, 2009

Special Assembly Day

This past weekend we attended the "Keep Watching the Ministry ..., That you Fulfill It" Special Assembly Day of Jehovah's Witnesses.  It was an excellent program, full of reminders and instructions; right on time as usual.  This year Sakiem was privileged to present a talk and interviews for the afternoon session.  He presented the part entitled, "Youths Who Fulfill the Ministry."  He gave an encouraging talk and then interviewed three exceptional young people - we've dubbed "the kids".  They were the most spiritual and well-mannered kids I've ever met.  Truly an encouragement.  They were all baptized (one of them got baptized that morning); and all would auxiliary pioneer from time to time.  They are even serving where the need is great for a week!  Great kids.  Sakiem did a wonderful job in the talk and he had such a pleasant ease with the kids.  I think one of them has adopted him a a "big brother" lol.  They email often.  He's a sweet kid.  We both thoroughly enjoyed the program.  After a wonderful day of spiritual instruction, we had a great evening of recreation with another young couple in our congregation.  They had a few people over for their home and we enjoyed good food, good drinks and great friends.  Excellent weekend.  Enjoy some pictures below.

Mrs. C

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